At Najual Traductores & Intérpretes, we offer Sworn translation services in every language thanks to our native sworn translators and their wide experience.

Sworn translations are those with an official nature, because they can only be made and sworn by translators certified with the title of Sworn Translator-Interpreter — a title given by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation of Spain. The figure of the sworn translator is also known as official translator, certified translator or expert translator, among others. Unlike simple or usual translations, sworn translations have legal force before official bodies. These translations must also include the stamp and the signature of the Sworn Translator-Interpreter. Besides, in the last page of the document there must appear a certification of its sworn nature. This type of translation is more descriptive than the simple one. In general terms, an official translation may be required for any translated document that will be presented before an official body, e.g. public administrations, universities or courts.

Academic degrees and transcripts

Aplicada a documentos tanto públicos como privados con contenidos legales y jurídicos

Wills and inheritances

Aplicada a documentos tanto públicos como privados con contenidos legales y jurídicos

Agencia de traducción en Madrid

Trade agreements

Servicio de traducción de carácter oficial, que solo lo pueden realizar traductores jurados acreditados

Passport, ID and NIE

Servicio de traducción técnica especializado por campos de especialización e idiomas.

Other services

We are qualified professionals and provide translation and interpreting services in several technical fields and in every language.

Traducción jurada en Madrid

Sworn translation of public and private deeds

Traducción jurada en licitaciones públicas

Sworn translation of calls for tenders

Traducción jurada de trámites de adopción

Sworn translation of adoption procedures

Traducción jurada de certificados de matrimonio

Sworn translation of marriage certificates

What languages do we translate?

Najual Traductores & Intérpretes, your reference translation and interpreting agency in Madrid, works in every language. We carefully select the most suitable translator for each project.

What languages do we translate?



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