At our agency, we manage Interpreting projects in every language. We thus rely on native professionals settled in the main European cities, which allows us to choose the most suitable interpreter for each event. Therefore, we can offer a quality interpreting service at a competitive price.

Our comprehensive service guarantees that every event will be developed with total easiness. We assign an Interpreting Manager for each project, who will help to choose the interpreting modality and the most suitable interpreters, to place the technical equipment if required, and to bridge the gap between the client and the interpreters in situ.

The variety of professional Interpreting services we offer includes: simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, whispered interpreting or chuchotage, and liaison interpreting. Furthermore, we provide Sworn interpreting services, performed by sworn interpreters certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation of Spain. By this certification, they are fully entitled to appear in every judicial event. If you need any other service related to professional interpreting, do not hesitate to check our complementary services for the date of your event.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Aplicada a documentos tanto públicos como privados con contenidos legales y jurídicos

Liaison Interpreting

Aplicada a documentos tanto públicos como privados con contenidos legales y jurídicos

Agencia de traducción en Madrid

Consecutive Interpreting

Servicio de traducción de carácter oficial, que solo lo pueden realizar traductores jurados acreditados

Sworn Interpreting

Servicio de traducción técnica especializado por campos de especialización e idiomas.

What languages do we translate?

Najual Traductores & Intérpretes, your reference translation and interpreting agency in Madrid, works in every language. We carefully select the most suitable translator for each project.

What languages do we translate?



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